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A private countryside plantation villa awaits! Here's your opportunity to spend your vacation in a traditional Bajan plantation nestled in lushly landscaped grounds surrounded by nature and complete zen. 


If your idea of a restful and restorative vacation is to be “far from the madding crowd”, you have just discovered your dream paradise!  Shhhh!  What do you hear?  Nothing but the east wind rustling the tall palms, the birds cheeping and peeping, perhaps our resident hens clucking, and the occasional rooster crowing in the distance.  Listen hard and you may even hear the monkeys carrying on their own conversations, but overall, what strikes you is the marvelous uiet! 





US$1,000 per night in Summer | 4-night minimum stay

US$1,200 per night in Winter | 4-night minimum stay

US$1,500 per night during Christmas and New Years | 7-night minimum stay





US$130 per night in Summer | 4-night minimum stay

US$150 per night in Winter | 4-night minimum stay

US$200 per night during Christmas and New Years | 7-night minimum stay

Additional fees: US$10 Airconditioning fee & US$50 Cleaning Fee

Containing over 2,000 square feet within its distinctive walls, this completely renovated “cottage” has been outfitted with only the best of luxury furnishings and YOU are invited to be among the first guests to call it your home-away-from-home!


As the name suggests, in early days, “The Stables” cottage played a huge role on the plantation because it housed the mounts and carriages belonging to the family of the day and their guests.  The stables – now YOUR cottage - served the 13,500 square foot plantation house known then and now as “Clifton Hall Great House”. 



The first confirmed mention of this pink confection dates all the way back to 1656!  Clifton Hall Great House has a long and varied history, beginning as a 401 acre sugar plantation down through the centuries to the year 2009 when, as near derelict, the current owners rescued the property.  With loving care and always mindful of the built heritage of this significant property, the owners turned the coral stone rubble walls, termite-riddled beams and original pieces that could be salvaged into the magnificent presence of today. 


The exterior walls of The Stable at Clifton Hall were constructed of the same coral stone as the Great House.  You can see the original bare coral stone in some of the accompanying pictures.   These ancient walls that stand more than 2 feet thick help to cool the cottage against the strong Barbados sun.  Large windows stand open to catch the trade winds blowing through, cooling temperatures by 2 to 3 C. degrees below those on the west coast.  For convenience, the 2 large bedrooms (one king and one twin) both have air conditioning available however, guests will likely find that with a combination of the breezes and ceiling fans , air conditioning will be unnecessary.  


Red clay tile floors throughout also help to control the interior temperature by reflecting their cooling surfaces back into the air as heat rises into the open rafters and beams that line the roof above. 

The master ensuite is fitted with a Jacuzzi tub/shower combo, while the second bathroom has a large block-walled shower stall.  Your master shower curtain matches not only the gorgeous bedspread but also coordinates with the generous sets of fluffy towels you’ll find in each bathroom.


The wide open spaces and modern fittings of the cottage kitchen will rival your kitchen “back home”! The bright green cupboards contain 6 place settings of dishes and glasses yet there’s still lots of space to hide away all those special treats that can only be found in Barbados.  The shiny, white countertops where your coffee maker and toaster call out to you to prepare a snack reflect the bright sunshine that’s streaming in through two wide windows.  When it comes time for a meal, the glass-topped table in the dining area seats six comfortably and is conveniently located just steps from kitchen activity.  Tucked away in the utility room, you will have the convenience of a washer so it’s not necessary to pay extra luggage charges – your bathing suit and your toothbrush are really all you need for your vacation in The Stables at Clifton Hall.


Accessible from the living room walk-out is your own patio where you can relax with a couple of cold Banks Beers or a chilled bottle of wine after a hard day of sunning.   The back garden is surrounded by tropical trees and flowers while when you feel like stretching your legs, you are welcome to meander the paths of the Great House.  More than 300 fruit trees, common to the Caribbean although not likely to be found in your garden “back home” -  mango, lime, pomegranate, soursop, passion fruit and many more - call you to explore.  Also tucked away within the gardens of the Great House, you will find a beautiful 25’ x 13’ swimming pool that is surrounded by masses of bougainvillea bushes.


Whether this is your first trip to Barbados, or your hundred and first, it is pleasant to be greeted as more than “just another visitor”.  Therefore, to get your holiday off on the right foot, we are pleased to assist by going that extra step.  We would be delighted to provide you with the names of car rental companies to be available upon your arrival.  We are also happy to provide you with a “starter pack” comprised of those essential items that will enable you to laze around on your first morning, rather than having to rush to the supermarket just so you can have your eye-opening coffee. We have wine suppliers with exceptional wines together with good prices. We can arrange for the list of their wines to be sent to you and delivered ready for you to enjoy. Whatever you want, you have only to let us know.  


And whether you are coming for a week, a month, or the winter, you may arrive at The Stables at Clifton Hall as welcome guests but in no time at all, you will be treasured friends we’ll look forward to welcoming back year after year.


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